Derrick Ferrari

Miami's newest lover Derrick Ferrari wants his women to be like his cars: fast, and ready for a rough ride! Lucky for him, he's come to the right spot! An ex-marine good looks, a seriously ripped bod, and a suave demeanor, this sexy soldier was searching out a worthy career after serving his country. What better cause than pleasuring pussies in need? Joining the adult film ranks in 2016, Derrick Ferrari was an immediate hit with his co-starlets. Seducing them with his Spanish dirty talk, big thick cock, and powerful love-making skills, he was soon being sought out by porn's most elite companies. Away from the set, this hard-working hunk doesn't pause to catch his breath, working tireless hours at Crossfit gyms and the boxing ring. So brace yourself, because Derrick Ferrari is on a mission to become XXX's top gun, and Florida won't contain this smokin' hot talent for long.

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